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Sprayed Bedliners

Whether you use your truck for work or play, the best way to protect your investment is with a great looking Armaguard Sprayed Bedliner. Why? Because no other liner looks as good and works so hard.

Imagine a liner that:

  • Permanently prevents rust
  • Allows the addition of accessories with no hassles
  • Is scratch resistant
  • Provides safe, sure-footed traction
  • Prevents load shifts
  • Reduces noise and dampens vibration
  • Looks great and is maintenance free
  • Provides a contoured fit with no loss of space

Our thick, tough liner bonds and dries in an amazing 5 seconds, forming a seamless layer of protection between your truck bed and whatever you or nature throw at it.

With locations in both St.Albert and on the Southside of Edmonton, Armaguard is your sprayed bedliners Edmonton solution. Call or come in today to get your truck bed sprayed and start protecting your investment.